Kundenfall: Vekoma (Freizeitpark Industrie)

Vulkoprin is a reliable partner for amusement parks and ride manufacturers.
The use of top-quality materials such as Vulkollan and Printhane-X™ withstanding high loads, high speeds, abrasion and deformation guarantees high safety, less standstill and less maintenance.

Maximal fun for visitors thanks to a perfect combination of low rolling resistance, high loading capacity and minimal heat build-up.

Quality assurance is our top priority.
Standard incoming and outgoing inspection procedures along with individual wheel marking for traceability, guarantee the safety of the Vulkoprin amusement ride wheels. As a manufacturer,

Vulkoprin can offer specialized technical advice and support to manufacturers and theme parks.

Enjoy Vekoma’s Rides Manufacturing dynamics „Insights“ magazine https://insights.goomedia.nl/vekoma2020