55 Years of proven performance

For over five decades, Belgian-based family business Vulkoprin has designed and manufactured top quality wheels, castors, rollers and tyres using the best materials available, such as Vulkollan<sup>®</sup>, Printhane, Easyroll rubber, nylon, and so on. Today, Vulkoprin wheels and castors can be found all over the globe in all kinds of dynamic applications. Whether you are in the material handling, machinery, glass or amusement park industry, we are the wheel partner you’ve been looking for!Vulkoprin aims to create long-term business relationships based on partnerships in order to ensure a continuous supply of raw materials, semi-finished materials and consumables and support our company’s competitiveness and growth.We seek to be your reliable partner, contributing to your success with our products and services. We serve many different sectors, from offshore and automotive to aerospace and rollercoasters, with wheels ranging from 20mm to 1200mm diameter for both high speed and heavy load applications.We really don’t know how long our wheels last – we’ve only been around for 55 years!


Quality in Motion! Quality has always been our priority. This was recognised for the first time in 1993 when the company was ISO certified. But the way we perceive quality changes all the time. A few years ago, we adopted the Toyota Production System.

We call it the Vulkoprin Production System. We use daily meetings with management, team leaders and operators to push ourselves towards improving quality and efficiency in all the processes, working as one “wheel team” and producing the best quality products. Our VPS quality assurance system is certified ISO 9001.

These efforts have resulted in better quality, better processes, reduced costs and more.

People, safety and environment

Human capital is our greatest asset. Ergonomics and the workspace environment were very important factors when designing the new production facility. Energy-friendly systems are used throughout the production process and emissions are reduced through the use of zero emission equipment and filters.
Also, Vulkoprin is one of the pioneers of “dual learning” in Flanders, a system where students learn about technology on the workfloor.
Vulkoprin wants to respect the environment. That’s why we make daily efforts to reduce our ecological footprint by reducing waste and energy consumption and by applying ecological production processes. The environmental management system is ISO 14001 certified. Vulkoprin is awarded a sustainability certificate annually for its efforts to continuously improve safety and the environment.