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The Vulkoprin pick-up & recovering service offers our clients the opportunity to reuse worn wheels.
Our service includes removing the worn material, cleaning and inspecting the hub and applying a new polyurethane tread. Many national and international amusement parks and organisations rely on our support.
Quality assurance is our top priority. Standard incoming and outgoing inspection procedures along with individual wheel marking for traceability, guarantee the safety of Vulkoprin amusement ride wheels.
Are you experiencing issues with theme park wheels? Contact Vulkoprin for specialised technical support and advice. As a manufacturer, we are perfectly placed to assist you.

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Customer case: Rollercoaster wheels – Theme Park

High safety, less standstill and less maintenance

PRINTHANE™ is the generic name for all Vulkoprin PU-elastomers developed specifically for extreme fields of application. Printhane-X™  (“PX” – 90, 95, 97 Shore A) has been developed specially for applications with high running speeds, which means it is well suited for all amusement park- & roller coaster applications.   Download the Amusement ride wheels brochure […]

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Customer case: Vertical glass transport – Glass machine manufacturer

Do not like the sound of breaking glass

Vulkoprin is patent holder of the first ball castor designed for horizontal glass transport and has been a market leader in this niche for many years. Vulkoprin also offers Vulkollan® glass & transport rollers for wear-resistant and non-marking glass applications.   .   Read more how Vulkoprin offered a solution in the glass transport industry. […]

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Customer case: Automated Guided Vehicle – Intralogistics


Printhane™ is the generic name of the polyurethane elastomers developed by Vulkoprin for specific fields of application. Printhane-C™ is conductive Vulkollan® and meets the standards EN12527 thru’ EN12533. It finds application in environments with a higher risk of explosion, fire or electrostatic discharge (ESD).  

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