Vulkollan® drive wheels installed on stacker cranes result in a smooth and silent automatic warehouse.

Vulkollan® guiding rollers eliminate the vibrations at the top of the stacker crane.

When equipped with Vulkollan® drive- and guidewheels, fast-moving stacker cranes enjoy smoothly rolling wheels, while frequent alternation of roll-directions reduces rolling-resistance and ensures high wear resistance – so that recurrent, fast accelerations no longer pose a problem.

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PRINTHANE™: PU by Vulkoprin

The new Printhane-B™ 75 shore A and Printhane-B™ 85 in the spotlight

Printhane™ is the collective name of the polyurethane elastomers developed by Vulkoprin for extreme application areas. The new Printhane-B™ 75 shore A and Printhane-B™ 85 in the spotlight: scroll on    

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Future Vulkoprin guaranteed by generation shift

With this generational shift at the top, the future of Vulkoprin is guaranteed.

Vulkoprin nv has appointed Leen Maes and Bert Maes as managing director. The former managing director, Ir. Jan Maes, will continue to support the management team as advisor. “This decision is a strategically important step for Vulkoprin” explains Ir. Jan Maes. “This allows us to prepare ourselves with new accents for the challenges and opportunities and […]

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Knowledge transfer

Vulkoprin Academy sends Professor Bert to Vlajo

Vlajo gives a strong boost to the entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurial competencies of young talent in Flanders. During Entrepreneurs for the Class 2021, “Professor Bert” shares the Vulkoprin story with the students. “With an important choice of study or profession in prospect, many young people have unique questions that we as entrepreneurs want to answer! […]

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