Vulkoprin invests in new casting line

More capacity - shorter delivery times

Strategically important linchpin

A new moulding line comes into operation at Vulkoprin nv. Besides state-of-the-art technology, industry 4.0 principles were applied for organizing the work.

“Our polyurethane production unit is already one of the most modern in the sector”, says production manager and co-owner Bert Maes. “With this extra moulding line we’re now able to offer our customers even more variant versions in flexible quantities”.

“The high degree of automation ensures stable production volumes and shorter delivery times” explains Director of Sales & Marketing, Didier Nulens. “Given the growing demand for wheels, castors and technical components in Vulkollan® polyurethane, this investment is a strategically important linchpin in order to further develop Vulkoprin’s market position in technical wheels for the material handling, machine building & theme park industries.

For the casting process, a state-of-the-art moulding machine is used

Vulkoprin, itself, prepares the pre-polymer according to procedures that have been perfected over the past 55 years. This results in superior usage properties compared to a standard pre-polymer from a system supplier with standard properties.

A fully-automated pre-polymer production unit was incorporated in the existing production facility.  This unit supplies the new moulding line with the correct amounts of pre-polymer at the required times. The highest dosing accuracy is ensured by an automated dosing- and mixing system. All the process data are also captured for the requisite process traceability.

For the casting process, a state-of-the-art moulding machine is used. Highly sensitive components ensure excellent dosing accuracy. All the process data are also recorded, per shot, thus guaranteeing process traceability.  The moulding dies are brought to the moulding machine via 2 rotary kilns, where the dies are filled under computer control, with the exact formulation and amount.

The logistic processes for the infeed of wheel centres and discharge of fabricated wheels are performed by AGVs (automated guided vehicles).  The Vulkollan® wheels are then post-treated in an automated polymerization process. It is partly thanks to this that the premium Vulkoprin quality is achieved for Vulkollan®.


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