Customer case: Vertical glass transport – Glass machine manufacturer

Vulkoprin is patent holder of the first ball castor designed for horizontal glass transport and has been a market leader in this niche for many years.

Vulkoprin also offers Vulkollan® glass & transport rollers for wear-resistant and non-marking glass applications.




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The company is a producer of Glass Production Lines, Glass Washing Machines and Glass Processing Machines.
They pioneer within the Glass Industry and can either provide stand-alone machines or complete turn key projects.
Their expansion drift the last couple of years resulted in the construction of a new factory.

The challenge

Within the Washing Machines the Vulkollan® rollers need to operate in wet conditions at a higher than ambient temperature and can become by consequence less resistant to hydrolysis over time.
The customer wanted Vulkollan® rollers with a max. service life.


Stabaxol is a hydrolysis repellent additive. It finds application in humid environments with a higher risk of hydrolysis.

Adding Stabaxol to the Vulkollan® mix prolongs the service life of these rollers and makes them more resistant to hydrolysis.


This solution offers a prolonged service life of the Vulkollan® rollers used within these machines.


Vulkollan® with added Stabaxol gives these Glass Machines an optimal operating reliability and a prolonged service life, affecting directly the maintenance schedule of these machines.


For additional  glass transport industry solutions

Conveyer rings

Glass transport rollers and ball castors

Ball casters for transport tables in the glass industry. Smoothly swiveling and known as “THE ORIGINAL”.

  • Elastic natural rubber 70 Shore A / Colour black.
  • Printhopan 92 Shore A / Colour light brown.

Drive wheels for conveyor belts. Very solid and self-tightening on axle.

  • Elastic natural rubber 85 Shore A  / Colour black.


Rollers for glass transport. Highly wear-resistant and non-marking on plain bearing.

  • Centre in polyamide and tyre in Vulkollan® 92 Shore A / Colour light brown.