Customer case: Water purification

Vulkoprin produces Vulkollan® in the range of 75 to 95 Shore A. This large range of hardness is one of the reasons why Vulkollan® can be found in almost all technical applications, spanning the gap between rubbers and thermoplastics.
A good example is Vulkollan® with a hardness of 92-93 Shore A.  This material has become ‘the benchmark material’ for wheels and castors for internal logistics used for example on electrical lift trucks, stackers, AGV’s and so on. The excellent combination of modulus and elasticity results in wheels with very high load bearing capacities and low rolling resistance. The ideal mechanical properties of Vulkollan® give products with the lowest ‘total cost of ownership’ !
Softer Vulkollan® types find their applications for example in seals, bellows, silent blocks and drive wheels.  Harder Vulkollan® types show up in applications where extra load bearing capacity is needed. In some cases high speed is added as well in applications such as wheels for roller coasters.
What’s more : the excellent mechanical properties of Vulkollan® can be found in the full hardness range. Scroll down to deep dive in an application of water treatment.



Respect for nature and a growing environmental awareness place high demands on manufacturers and service companies of water treatment plants/systems worldwide.


A “scraper bridge” is a mechanical construction forming an integral part of a waste-water treatment plant.  It is used for clearing sediment into a sludge collector pit or alternatively for depositing floating substances into a scum removal container. Wheels are in place for the permanent powering of the “scraper bridge”. The challenge in this design is to develop wheels that ensure operation 24/7 in extreme weather conditions and in a highly corrosive environment.


Heavy load wheels made from Vulkollan® offer the right solution in these applications! The wear resistance, high carrying capacity and low rolling resistance, together with a water repellent adhesion primer (EP), a hydrolysis repellent additive (Stabaxol) and an anti-corrosive paint system (Colturiet) for the metal wheel core, guarantee optimal reliability.


For installers, water associations, operators and service companies, this Vulkoprin wheel system offers a reliable 24/7 solution and maximum service life.


Reliability and serviceability are greatly appreciated on these installations that are not permanently manned but must be operational 24/7. An extra plus, compared to rubber tires, is that the low rolling resistance of Vulkollan® requires less energy to power the system.