Future Vulkoprin guaranteed by generation shift

Vulkoprin nv has appointed Leen Maes and Bert Maes as managing director. The former managing director, Ir. Jan Maes, will continue to support the management team as advisor.

“This decision is a strategically important step for Vulkoprin” explains Ir. Jan Maes. “This allows us to prepare ourselves with new accents for the challenges and opportunities and to ensure the continuity of the family business”.

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Bert Maes

Bert Maes, industrial engineer electromechanics, has been production director at Vulkoprin since 1990. With his passion for polyurethane, he guided Vulkoprin to one of the most modern production sites in the sector. “The third generation is entering in the lead. We’re going to continue my father’s dream with this. The challenges are great and this requires strong leadership. With a woman at the top, we will be even better able to respond to developments in the area. We look forward to the future of Vulkoprin with confidence and appreciate that Jan will continue to support us with his rich experience”.

Leen Maes

Leen Maes, Master of Law, started her career at Deloitte Accountancy as a Legal consultant Social law. Since 2013 she joined the Vulkoprin management team as responsible for HR & Finance. “I am pleased to note that the family and the employees draw confidence from this transfer. As a child I listened passionately to the stories of my grandfather and father about our ‘wheel factory’. It is with pride that I, together with my uncle, can continue to set out the outlines within our family business’. Leen Maes will take on the role of CEO from 01 January 2021.