In-house engineering & manufacturing

State-of-the-art production facility

At Vulkoprin, we benefit from our own highly integrated manufacturing plant. This gives us complete control over planning, manufacturing, quality, lead time and costs. For our customers, this means the reassurance of knowing that the complete wheel or wheel assembly is engineered and manufactured by Vulkoprin.Highly automated precision machinery ensures stable, on-time production. Our polyurethane department is one of the most modern facilities in the business. We have several casting lines so that dimensions and formulations can be varied. A fully automated polymerisation process guarantees the highest quality polyurethanes.Our fully integrated state-of-the-art production facility allows us to produce individual items as well as large volumes.One-off productions or several thousand parts a year: Vulkoprin is your partner of choice.

Research, development & testing

Our engineers employ a wide range of methods to offer the best possible solutions. All products are 3D modelled and put through an FEM simulation in order to optimize dimensions, material utilisation and performance. Our wheels are made from best-in-class polyurethanes, such as Vulkollan®.

Vulkoprin has a long term R&D cooperation with several universities and higher colleges of technology. A number of high-tech testing tools have been developed to test our polyurethane wheels for various applications. We can, for example, simulate a roller coaster track with speeds of well over 100km/h, or forklift truck loads of up to 5 tons at speeds of 30 km/h.

The result is innovative and more performant wheels. Contact our sales department if you need help to develop your wheel application.

Your trust in our products is what drives us forward!