Manufacturer of wheels and technical moulded parts that meet the requirements of the most demanding applications


Vulkoprin nv is designing and producing a full range of polyurethanes and rubbers to be able to withstand extreme loads and temperatures, high speeds, wear and deformation.

  • family owned company, located in Tielt (Belgium)
  • more than 55 years of experience
  • in-house design, engineering & production
  • global customer base in material handling-, machinery- and theme park industry


“Customers, from various industries, can be certain that the entire wheel or wheel assembly is designed and manufactured by Vulkoprin” says Bart Vermaete, director production of Vulkoprin. Precision machines and powerful automation ensure smooth and timely production. The polyurethane (PU) division can boast one of the most modern manufacturing facilities in the sector. Vulkoprin also has several moulding lines at its disposal, so that dimensions and formulations can be tailored to the customer’s requirements. A fully automated polymerization process ensures PU of the highest quality.


“The wheel solutions that we manufacture have to be able to withstand extreme loads and temperatures, high speeds, wear and deformation” says Bert Maes, CTOr and co-owner. That’s why Vulkoprin has developed a full range of high-grade polyurethanes, including its flagship product Vulkollan®. Over recent decades, Vulkollan® has become acknowledged as the benchmark material for heavy-duty wheels and castors.

No other type of PU has managed, thus far, to give the same excellent mix of properties over a large temperature range. “With the Printhane ™ polyurethanes, Vulkoprin has managed to accentuate certain properties for specific applications, e.g. Printhane-X  that was developed specifically with the fast roller coasters in mind, or Printhane GRIP to give more grip in the case of drive applications”, said Bert Maes.

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The fully integrated, state-of-the-art production unit allows Vulkoprin to produce both individual items and high-volume orders. In this way, it can respond fluidly in order to translate changing market demand into new product solutions. “Together with our customers develop specific, tailored solutions. This is the Vulkoprin definition of innovation”, says Didier Nulens, Sales & Marketing Director at Vulkoprin.

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The first ISO 9001 certificate goes all the way back to 1995. Since then, the market, the customers and the Vulkoprin organization have all evolved significantly. Consequently, the
processes too are constantly evolving. With the extension of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificate until 2021, our ambitions of operating excellence (Lean) and environmental awareness are reaffirmed.  “Vulkoprin associates this certification with core values regarding the well-being of its personnel, corporate social responsibility (CSR), the environment and sustainability”, says Leen Maes , CEO.


Leen Maes: CEO (Managing director)

Bert Maes: CTO  (Managing director)

Didier Nulens: Director Sales & Marketing

Bart Vermaete: Production director

Lieven Deman: Planning director

Geert Bouckaert: ICT director


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Vulkoprin Production System (VPS)

The Vulkoprin Production System is a daily used system to
organise the logistics and manufacture of wheels and castors in
the production plant. It is a social-technical system that requires
the involvement of all personnel to produce wheels and castors
in time and at the lowest cost without compromising the
high quality standards, the safety or the environment. The
ground rules of zero accidents, zero defects and zero delays are
combined in our VPS-wheel.





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