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Wheel definitions

Product item structure

Position 1 Position 2 Position 3 Position 4 Position 5-7 Position 8-10 Position 11-13 Option
Material Hardness material Wheel HUB Wheel diameter Tread (width) Bore (mm)
B=Printhane ™ BF=64 shore A=aluminium centre A=bearing seat # :Grooves
BH=75 shore B=family B B=self-lubricating bronze ) :Threadguard disc
C=lifttruck wheel C=tapered roller bearing ] :Hub cab
E=Easyroll ™ D=FCT dim. Inch D=sealing +' With axle material
E=family E E=ESV ° : With heatresistant grease
F=PFE F=FCT metric dim. F=flange wheel -' With freezer grease
G=glass wheel G=plain bore & : Zinked
P=Synthetic wheel H=family H H=H7-boring I : Stainless steel
J=family LF J=angular contact ball bearing K : bearing type SKF/FAG
R=Rubber K=CT asymmetrical K=deep groove ball bearing M : EM-sealing
L=family L L=flat finishing FCT N : EN-sealing
V=Vulkollan ® VH=75 shore M=family M M=messing tube R: bearing type RS
VI=80 shore O=centre in POM N=nylon plain bore S : bearing type 2RS
VK=90 shore R=family R O=spherical roller bearing V : bearing type ZV
VL=95 shore S=cleaning wheel P=profile FCT X : EP-finishing
VM=PX96 shore T=TP Q=tube in bronze Y Colturite
CM=PX97 shore V=family CTVL R=roller bearing
W=woodworking wheel S=keyway JS9
W=Guiding rollers X=family EH $=keyway P9
Y=CT symmetrical T=taper lock
X=Stabaxol XK=90 shore Z=custom made U=tapered bushing
Y=Electrically conductive wheels Y=cone ball bearing

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