"PRINTHANE": PU by Vulkoprin

Printhane® is the generic name for all Vulkoprin PU-elastomers developed specifically for extreme fields of application.


  • Printhane-C (“PC” – 93 Shore A) Is conductive Vulkollan® and meets the standards EN12527 to EN12533, in which the electrical resistance is less than 10^4 Ohm. Is compliant with the ATEX directives. For use in areas with a high fire- and/or explosion risk or risk of electric discharge (ESD).
  • Printhane-X (“PX” – 90, 95, 97 Shore A) Has been developed specially for applications with high running speeds, which means it is well suited for all amusement park- & roller coaster applications. PX shows low hysteresis losses and therefore little heat build-up.


  • Printhane-R (“PR” – 85 Shore D) This is a rigid PU for use in applications with thick-walled plastic parts, that have to be impact-resistant, elastic and non-deforming. This material is a great alternative to parts in milled engineering plastics (polyamide, POM, …). PR has fire-retarding properties as well (UL94 grade V0). PR wheel centers covered with Vulkollan® or Printhane can offer a soluton in some applications where corrosion is a problem. Speeds and loads need to be adjusted to this ‘all plastic’-combination.
  • Printhane-B (“PB” – 65 and 75 Shore A) For applications requiring a tread softer than 80 Shore A. The load capacity is limited! In the case of PB75: ca. 40% and PB65: ca. 15% compared to Vulkollan® 92 Shore A. Soft elastomers will, in wheel applications, usually give a better grip.