Industrial & heavy duty wheels & castors polyurethane & Vulkollan®

Wheels with aluminium, cast-iron or steel-welded centre with

    • Elastic, firmly bonded tyre in Vulkollan® 92 Shore A.
      Colour: light brown. Non-marking, extremely wear resistant, high load capacity on precision ball bearing up to 10,000kg.
    • Elastic TPU or casted PU. Shore A. Colour: red or orange. Non-marking, high load capacity on roller or precision ball bearings.


Mounted in

    • Solid pressed-steel castors with double ball race.
      Sealed & shock resistant.
    • Heavy duty steel welded castors with double ball race or precision ball bearings.
      For frequent rotations: sealed and extremely shock- resistant.



  • Corrosion treatment of the wheel centre.
  • Tyres made out of Vulkollan® with anti hydrolysis additives
  • Electrically conductive Vulkollan.
  • 4 x 90° directional lock.
  • Alternative plate dimensions on simple request.
Transport - en zwaarlastwielen in polyurethaan & Vulkollan

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Vulkoprin is “Supplier of the Year” of Toyota Material Handling

Operational Excellence confirmed by awarding Vulkoprin as ‘Supplier of the Year’ of Toyota Material Handling and renewal of ISO 9001 accreditation up to 2024.

Operational Excellence confirmed by awarding Vulkoprin as ‘Supplier of the Year’ of Toyota Material Handling. During the 8th TMHE Suppliers’ Conference, the appreciation by Toyota Material Handling of Vulkoprin’s quality and service was indicated by the 2021 “Supplier of the Year” award. “Vulkoprin’s clear customer focus, strong leadership, modern highly automated production unit, stable [...]

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Your partner for wheels and casters for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT)

Download the brochure and request a meeting with our AGV/SPMT wheel specialist

Vulkoprin designs and produces standard and customized wheels and castors that meets the most demanding requirments of single drive and omnidrive systems (See standard line and customization in the brochure). The perfect combination of high elasticity and hardness in a large temperature range results in wheels with a low rolling resistance and high load capacity. […]

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Extension ISO 9001

Extension ISO 9001 certification

The first ISO 9001 certificate goes all the way back to 1995. Since then, the market, the customers and the Vulkoprin organization have all evolved significantly. Consequently, the processes too are constantly evolving. With the extension of the ISO 9001 certificate until 2024, our ambitions of operating excellence are reaffirmed. Earlier this year , our […]

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