Vekoma: customer case

Behind the scenes

Vulkoprin has a long-standing relationship with rollercoaster manufacturer Vekoma (Vlodrop, the Netherlands). Our business relationship has always been based on supplying the best technical wheel solutions for every situation. There are many different parameters involved, including fluctuating seasonal temperatures, which can potentially affect the overall performance of a rollercoaster. Vekoma knows that they can count on Vulkoprin to take all these factors into account. This case describes how Vulkoprin resolved an issue with an existing rollercoaster.

A challenging situation

In 2011, we were contacted concerning a performance problem with the Vekoma Family Boomerang attraction at Drayton Manor in the UK. At the park, this roller coaster is better known as the Ben10. Vekoma informed us that Drayton Manor was having issues maintaining constant speeds when temperatures were low. Every amusement park needs to avoid a situation where a rollercoaster doesn’t make it back to the station. Vulkoprin responded by simulating the ride on its testing equipment, testing the original wheels and testing its own Printhane X wheels for performance on high-speed rollercoasters..

Successful implementation of Printhane X

After simulating the ride, we proposed that the original wheel covers be replaced by Vulkoprin’s Printhane X product, which performed better at low temperatures. The original wheel had a cover made of hard polyurethane with a very low rebound at low temperatures, resulting in an extremely high rolling resistance in such conditions, with the rollercoaster actually grinding to a halt during the ride! Printhane X has a very high rebound even when temperatures fall to 0°C. The resulting low rolling resistance means that the rollercoaster will continue to move. The slightly lower hardness of Printhane X also reduced noise levels, which is an additional advantage for the client.

Printhane X enables roller coaster wheels to perform optimally and is the number one product for high-speed roller coaster rides.

Market leader in the amusement industry

Vekoma Rides Manufacturing is one of the largest roller coaster manufacturers in the world and a market leader in the amusement industry. Vekoma has a policy of total control through in-house integrated services, from the (concept) design stage to the engineering and manufacturing of all types of rollercoaster, including family, thrill and mega coasters and other family attractions