Customer case – Green Envy (Engineering)

“Green Envy” is an electric streamliner motorcycle, and it is being built to become the world’s fastest motorcycle, aiming for 650 km/h with 1.000HP. Green Envy is being built by Eva Hakansson, her husband Bill Dubé, and a team of volunteers. “We love to build things that have never been built before”, says Eva Hakansson. This was a trigger for Vulkoprin’s production director and co-owner Bert Maes, always looking for new and challenging projects for its high-performance polyurethanes, to start a cooperation with “Green Envy.

Vulkoprin is now closely involved in the further design and development of the wheels with Printhane-X, actually used for high speed roller coasters. 650 km/h is a challenging speed, but the first test results offer enough confidence to empower the “Green Envy” team with our competences and sympathy.

By passion for polyurethanes!