Vulkollan® Thé ultimate elastomer!

VULKOLLAN® is one of the most powerful elastomers in the market, combining highest mechanical load-bearing characteristics with highest dynamic load-bearing capacity.

  • Therefore, Vulkollan® is preferably used for superior tasks in many technical fields.
  • In a multistage process developed by Covestro, solid Vulkollan® is produced through chemical reactions between polyester polyols of the high-quality Vulkollan® range, Desmodur® 15 and glycols. Desmodur® 15 is the trade name for 1,5-naphthylene di-isocyanate (NDI)
  • Vulkollan® can only be manufactured by licensed processors as VULKOPRIN.

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PRINTHANE™ PU by Vulkoprin

PRINTHANE™ is the generic name for all Vulkoprin PU-elastomers developed specifically for extreme fields of application.

  • Printhane-C (“PC” – 93 Shore A) is conductive Vulkollan®
  • Printhane-X (“PX” – 90, 95, 97 Shore A) has been developed specially for applications with high running speeds, which means it is well suited for all amusement park- & roller coaster applications.
  • Printhane-R (“PR” – 85 Shore D)  is a rigid PU for use in applications with thick-walled plastic parts, that have to be impact-resistant, elastic and non-deforming.
  • Printhane-B (“PB” 75, 85 Shore D): In applications with more grip. Printhane-B™ 85 is a polyurethane that was developed mainly for technical applications.

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Easyroll ™ Rubber in excellence Printhopan® the other guiding roller

  • Easyroll ™  is a super elastis rubber  in 65 Shore A (on precision ball bearing).


  • Printhopan®  59 and 74 Shore D is a high-grade thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) for the cover
    of small guide rollers. The cover is only mechanically locked to the ball bearing by some
    lateral overlap and thermal shrinkage to the outer ring of the ball bearing. These guide
    rollers offer a near-silent functioning and are a great alternative to a hard thermoplastic
    guide bearing such as polyamide. Printhopan guide rollers offer a reasonable loading
    capacity and a resilient ride.