High end materials

Intensive use demands reliable materials
The wheel solutions we manufacture must withstand extreme loads and temperatures, high speeds, abrasion, wear and deformation. So we developed a full range of top quality polyurethanes, led by Vulkollan®.Our polyurethane range of Printhane X has proven its excellence in the amusement park sector: the perfect combination of exceptional rebound, low rolling resistance, high load capacity, a stable hardness of between 0°C and 100°C and minimal temperature build-up – resulting in lower levels of standstill and maintenance, more profit and maximum fun for visitors.We constantly expand our product range and convert changing market demands into new products. We develop cutting-edge tread materials in partnership with experienced partners and deliver in-house mould making.You will find a large range of wheels and castors for all kinds of applications in our catalogue. With over 20,000 articles in stock, we can respond rapidly and even propose customised adaptations to products.